Nash Sirens S5R 4 + 1 Receiver plus Nash S5R/S5 Presentation Case

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  • Super sensitive bite indication
  • Available in four LED Options - Red - Blue - Purple - White
  • Run LED, Latching LED
  • High Output Adjustable Volume
  • Built in Line Guard
  • Protective PVC Case
  • Powered by 1x CR2 - 3v battery (not Included)
  • Extended Battery Life
  • Nash Siren S5R Bite Alarm
  • Available in 4 different colours
    • S5R Receiver

    With a range at over 400 Meters (Landscape Permitting)

    • Available in four LED Options - Red - Blue - Purple - White
    • High output adjustable Volume
    • Solid State Compact Design
    • Powered by 1x cr123a - 3v Battery (not included)
    • Extended Battery Life
    • Lanyard and Karabiner included
    • Soft Touch
    • Rubberised Finish
  • PLUS
    • Nash S5R/S5 Presentation Case, Nash S5R/S5 presentation case is hard wearing and has been designed by Nash to protect your S5R/S5 Alarms, receiver and accessories throughout any angling situation; be it in the boot of your vehicle, or the bottom of your carryall, you can rest assured your precious alarms will remain safe and undamaged in this protective case. Foam with alarm, receiver and accessory moulds is located inside of the case to prevent your alarms and receiver from rattling around inside of the presentation case. The foam will also absorb any sudden impact (for example dropping the case) once again preventing the alarms, receiver and alarm accessories from damage.